Igea Kosher and Halal certified products. Gluten and GMO free
As all perishable food products, dairy products are also exposed to the risk of microbial contamination, which is why it is necessary to pay the utmost attention and protect them from this risk.

The Business Network composed by Mediterranea Biotecnologie, Igea and the start-up Scienzanova, specialised in R&D, with the collaboration of UniMol, has decided to focus its attention on the topic of bioprotection, developing and implementing an innovative research project dedicated to the selection and development of culture formulations with specific antimicrobial activities and therefore protection.

The in vitro studies were conducted in parallel, both at MeB's laboratories and at those of UniMol's Institute of Microbial Biotechnology and Food Microbiology.

Following the excellent results obtained, Igea's technical staff conducted several application trials at Mediterranea Biotecnologie's Experimental Dairy Plant, testing the best formulations on both Italian and foreign dairy products.

The technique adopted by the insider R&D team, with the various institutional collaborations, confirmed the reproducibility of the results obtained in the in vitro tests and made it possible to identify and validate the three best formulations; those available today in the SHIELD range and marketed exclusively under the Igea brand.

The SHIELD range offers:
- A selected formulation of bacterial strains studied and tested for bioprotection.
- The possibility of eliminating the use of preservatives in the processing stages to obtain dairy products adhering to clean label logic.
- Three different formulations based on strains belonging to the Lactobacillus spp., Lactiplantibacillus spp. and Lacticaseibacillus spp. species.

Each formulation has been created to ensure the effectiveness of the product on the basis of the different pH levels reached during processing to offer a differentiated spectrum of action based on these. Because of this peculiarity, the SHIELD range offers the possibility to cover a very wide range of dairy processes with maximum effectiveness.

All SHIELD cultures are 'GLUTEN and GMO FREE' and certified Kosher and Halal.


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