Scienzanova is an innovative start-up co-founder, together with Mediterranea Biotecnologie and Igea, of the business network Rete di Sviluppo Biotec.

Scienzanova was born out of the desire to innovate and qualify research and development activities in the field of microbial biotechnology, paying particular attention to cultures of food and health interest: starters, probiotic cultures and food supplements, selected for the dairy industry and other food companies.

Thanks to a young and dynamic team, Scienzanova brings the passion to innovate to its laboratory of ideas; a beating heart with which Mediterranea Biotecnologie and Igea also develop their research and development activities.

Scienzanova work is also supported by important collaborations with public and private research centres and highly experienced professionals, including the CNR, the University of Molise and the University of Foggia.

The passion to innovate allows Scienzanova o take up and continue independently and with dedication, the Research and Development activities already within Mediterranea Biotecnologie. MeB, thanks to its in-depth knowledge of production processes, will activate with Scienzanova a synergic and concrete exchange aimed at optimising product industrialisation activities.

The internationalisation processes developed by Igea, enable Scienzanova to access open channels of relations in different countries around the world. The skills of Igea's network facilitate international exchanges and represent the needs of foreign markets, customers and consumers.

Access to Metodo M&B, already shared by Mediterranea Biotecnologie with Igea , allows Scienzanova to integrate and give circularity to research activities, production flows and international expertise.

n fact, thanks to the possibility of validating the products under development, with pilot processing tests at MeB's experimental dairy, it is possible to verify the characteristics of the products in the production phase, the application results obtained, and guarantee application solutions adapted to the needs of every latitude.

The Rete di Sviluppo Biotec qualifies the supply system of the three founding companies, enhancing their competencies and specific activities: the constant expansion of the strain library, the innovation applied to R&D activities, the development of production processes, product development, knowledge of world markets and the technical skills that often support customers in the development of their products.

The creation of the Rete di Sviluppo Biotec, allows Scienzanova, Mediterranea Biotecnologie and Igea to integrate their competencies into a more efficient and cohesive system for the study of ever new solutions to meet the most demanding needs of global markets and customers.