Mediterranea Biotecnologie, innovation and research in Food Engineering 

A new research session has begun in Termoli, at the laboratories of Scienzanova and Mediterranea Biotecnologie, with the aim of developing innovative applications for the design of complex starters, the formulation of new plant-based products and the development of innovative functional foods.

The research also aims to identify new methodologies in the re-use of by products through low input technologies and to enhance microbial diversity for the development of foods that are as natural as possible.

With the aim of bringing skills in the field of food engineering, the project, through a PhD, is developed in cooperation and co-financing with UNIFG – University of Foggia DAFNE Department of Science, Agriculture, Food, Natural Resources and Engineering. Dr. Hülya Cunedioglu, Master Degree in Food Engineering from the University of Mersin in Turkey, will be the author of the research through PhD, which she won in the last academic cycle.

Research is structured with great consideration for environmental sustainability criteria, both in terms of enhancing biodiversity and low-input processing.
Research as an urge for innovation
remains one of the primary objectives of our companies, which are increasingly attentive to the renewal needs expressed by food producers.