The Rete di Sviluppo Biotec at the ‘Fuori Fiera’ of 280th Larino October Exhibition

The Larino City Council has decided to organise, as part of the 280th October Exhibition, a moment of public reflection called “Fuori Fiera” with the idea of welcoming competent and inspiring private and public personalities and reflecting aloud on what will be in our future.

The Fuori Fiera aims to welcome in a place rich of history, the Palazzo Ducale of Larino, a group of people of recognised experience with the desire to stimulate a public reflection also open to large companies operating in the area, for the definition and proposal of ethically and socially correct models, necessary to guarantee a sustainable future of our society.

The event aims to strengthen the relationship between the October Exhibition and the community that has organised and hosted it for 280 editions, bringing to the city centre, in one of the most architecturally distinguished places in Molise, a public debate to discuss relevant content related to a topic of great interest.

The Rete di Sviluppo Biotec will participate in the Fuori Fiera with the participation of Enrico Biraschi, Commercial Director and Partner of the Rete di Sviluppo Biotec, who will illustrate how the activities of Mediterranea Biotecnologie, Igea and Scienzanova also use the Rete di Sviluppo Biotec as an amplifier to innovate, qualify the flow of their information, integrate skills and develop new solutions in line with the tastes and current needs of the global dairy and food markets.

The Rete di Sviluppo Biotec prioritises in its strategic objectives, the focus on food safety and proper ethical and social models: aspects necessary to ensure a safe and sustainable future to support global food markets.

As evidence of this, for some time now, bio-protection cultures have been available in our product range to naturally fight microbial contamination of food, often replacing chemical preservatives and increasing the shelf life of products towards a green and short-label approach. Our bio-protection cultures provide a bacteriostatic or bactericidal antimicrobial action on some of the most common kinds of microbial contamination and their use can therefore be considered a valid control tool for this type of contaminants.

A great job was also done with probiotic cultures, which, with their possibility of supplementing the food, provide everyone with easy access to a more functional, balanced and sustainable diet, thanks also to possible applications in plant-based production. In this context, fermented beverages, both milk- and vegetable-based, represent an ideal alternative thanks to their prebiotic and probiotic actions, which make it possible to obtain highly digestible functional foods, rich in fibre, minerals and vitamins.

Mediterranea Biotecnologie's participation in COST - European Cooperation in Science and Technology , as the company selected to participate in the Pimento project, is a clear acknowledgement of the skills and attention of the companies of the Rete di Sviluppo Biotec in research and innovation applied to fermented foods (FF), which, although relevant in terms of nutrition, sustainability, cultural heritage, territorial diversity and of wide interest to consumers, need scientific guides and evaluation on health benefits and risks. The Pimento project is also conducting a survey and in-depth research on traditional fermented foods commonly eaten in countries around the world in order to know and track their functional, nutritional and food safety aspects.

hese company trends, based on ethical intentions, focus on sustainability and food safety, prove, thanks also to the international recognitions achieved, the intentions of the Rete di Sviluppo Biotecand our three companies, which from Molise study and export innovation, solutions and products known and present in many countries around the world.