Igea starts the Training Week for the Brazilian Customers

Igea starts the Training Week for the Brazilian Customers
Igea, in support of its sales network in Brazil, organizes a comprehensive training program from May 6th to May 14th, 2024, which is attended by numerous Brazilian clients and representatives.

The training, also organized with the support of Brazilian partner Elian Comércio de Insumos para Alimentos di Vila Velha, includes beside in-depth classroom sessions, also the execution of all practical process trials at our Dairy Pilot Plant which is available to the hub.

The topics covered during this intensive week of work delve into various production techniques relevant to Brazilian clients. Through technical discussions with the competent guests, with their knowledge we are able to identify the most suitable starters to meet the needs and tastes for their market.

For Igea and its network of foreign partners, these training sessions play an important role in deepening knowledge and fostering collaboration; They serve as synergistic hubs where market needs, company production requirements, and Igea‘s technical support expertise converge to update and innovate the entire offering system.

The insights gained from these training sessions and the continuous monitoring of markets also enable to drive R&D activities at Scienzanova and production activities at Mediterranea Biotecnologie. These activities, find practical implementation within the shared " “Metodo M&B”, amplifying the operational flows focused on innovation.