Igea in Colombia at the 8º Salón Andino de Tecnologías para la Producción de Lácteos y Cárnicos

logo 8 Salón Andino 8º Salón Igea Colombia
- Hotel SHERATON Bogotá May 20th and 21st, 2024 -

Igea will also participate this year in the 8º Salón Andino de Tecnologías para la Producción de Lácteos y Cárnicos, an event dedicated to technologies for the production of dairy and meat-based products.

This year, the exhibition, once again will take place at the SHERATON Bogotá Hotel on May 20th and 21st, and will bring together the main local and foreign companies in the sector.

The event, which has been held every two years since 2014, aims not only to facilitate exchanges between the most prestigious and innovative companies in the sector but also to involve qualified professionals and internationally renowned experts in discussions and exchanges on high-context themes and innovations through workshops and in-depth courses.

Igea, with its Commercial Director Enrico Biraschi, will be a speaker at two sessions. The first, scheduled for the afternoon of May 20th, will be titled “Puntos críticos en la fabricación de quesos de pasta hilada y uso de cultivos específicos”.
The second, scheduled for the morning of May 21st, will address the topic“Bacterias lácticas de bioprotección específicas contra Clostridium tyrobutyricum”.