Mediterranea Biotecnologie and CVTà – Street Fest: A Meeting of Innovation and Tradition


Civitacampomarano June 14-16, 2024

The CVTà-Street Fest, founded in 2016, celebrates street art by transforming the urban landscape of Civitacampomarano with works by renowned street artists from around the world.

This year, Mediterranea Biotecnologie will again participate as a sponsor, demonstrating how the values and mission of a company can perfectly align with the spirit of a cultural event. Founded in Molise, Mediterranea Biotecnologie has been producing lactic ferments and probiotics for the dairy and food processing industry for decades. The company stands out for its passion for innovation, allowing it to offer updated products that meet the needs of global markets.

Thanks to the “In Hub For Nutrition” synergy with Igea and Scienzanova, companies dedicated respectively to internationalization and research and development activities, Mediterranea Biotecnologie has reached new levels of innovation in research and product development, optimizing and maintaining a competitive edge in the food biotechnology sector.

In Hub For Nutrition” represents a concrete integration of skills towards innovation and a system designed to offer products and services suitable for the needs and peculiarities of markets worldwide. This journey is also made possible by an awareness of how one's history, the work done over time, knowledge of traditions, and presence in the territory are important for giving value to innovations and for sustainably integrating the past with the future.

These values are reflected in the spirit of the CVTà-Street Fest, born to revitalize Civitacampomarano through art and the enhancement of the territory. The festival's history began in 2014 when Alice Pasquini, invited by Ylenia Carelli, started painting the almost uninhabited historic center's walls. Pasquini's works, inspired by vintage photographs, pay homage to the village's past, creating a deep bond with the local community.

Over the years, and thanks to the participation of more and more renowned artists, the festival increasingly represents an ideal embrace between past and future, linking origins with new discoveries. The inhabitants of Civitacampomarano actively participate, offering walls and views to the artists, contributing to the rediscovery and enhancement of the historical heritage. During the four days of the festival, each artist works closely with the local community, transforming old walls into vibrant canvases of life and color.

The collaboration between Mediterranea Biotecnologie and the CVTà-Street Fest is a perfect example of how innovation, history, tradition, and cohesion can come together to create a sustainable future filled with new and concrete visions.