Igea Training Week: A Training Experience for Colombian Customers

Igea , in support of its sales network in Colombia, is organizing an " Igea Training Week" from June 3rd to 7th, 2024. Thanks to the support of Igea Colombia, numerous customers and representatives from Colombia are invited to participate in this valuable training program.

The event, featuring both theoretical and practical technical training, will address various production processes of typical aged and continental cheeses, as well as pasta filata techniques. The training will include in-depth classroom sessions and practical tests at the Dairy Pilot Plant.

During this intensive week, production techniques of great interest to Colombian customers will be explored. Through open technical discussions with well-known guests, the most suitable starters to meet the needs and specificities of their market will be identified. Attendants will also have the opportunity to visit the production facility for ferments and probiotics and learn about the quality assurance and traceability systems of our products.

Igea's Training Weeks play a crucial role in deepening knowledge and fostering collaboration with its network of international partners. These events serve as a meeting point where market needs, company production requirements, and Igea's technical expertise converge to innovate the entire offering system.

The experiences and knowledge gained during these initiatives help to fuel the research and development activities of Scienzanova and the production processes of Mediterranea Biotecnologie, concretely reflecting in the operational workflows dedicated to innovation shared by the three companies in the "Metodo M&B”.