Successful Conclusion of the 8º Salón Andino de Tecnologías para la Producción de Lácteos in Bogotá

The l’8º Salón Andino de Tecnologías para la Producción de Lácteos has just concluded in Bogotá, a significant event for the dairy sector.
Igea actively participated in this important Colombian event with two in-depth presentations by Enrico Biraschi, Sales Director of Igea. During these sessions, the critical points of “pasta filata” cheese production and the use of specific starter cultures, as well as innovations in bioprotection, were discussed.

Igea’s highly frequented booth also offered visitors the opportunity to delve deeper into the topics covered during the presentations. The innovative SHIELD bioprotection range by Igea was particularly successful. This selected range of protective cultures leverages the antimicrobial activity of strains chosen for their antagonistic capabilities, meeting current innovation needs in some dairy productions by eliminating or reducing the use of additives (clean label).

All SHIELD cultures are "GLUTEN and GMO FREE" and certified Kosher and Halal. The event also highlighted the growing collaboration between Igea, Mediterranea Biotecnologie, and Scienzanova, which are increasingly united in sharing their expertise in concrete pathways for innovation.

Scienzanova, Mediterranea Biotecnologie, and Igea in Hub for Nutrition.